Friends of
Mid-Columbia River Wildlife Refuges

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Friends of MCRWR!

Friends of Mid-Columbia River Wildlife Refuges assists the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in connecting people with nature by offering environmental education programs at McNary National Wildlife Refuge and in the community-at-large.

Our environmental education programs immerse students in nature and help inspire them to love and care for the earth. A typical school day program introduces students to the biodiversity, life histories, and ecology of native plants, wildlife, and habitats through experiential and hands-on learning activities. Students also explore the significance of National Wildlife Refuges and the value of conservation. The programs are designed to be sensitive to the cognitive abilities and emotional development of participating students. The programs emphasize scientific understanding, sensory awareness, and creative expression.

Students gain scientific understanding of the natural world through exploring, examining, questioning, and observing. Volunteer educators share their knowledge, identify and describe aspects of nature, and encourage curiosity and inquiry.

Opportunities to touch, listen, see, and smell sharpen the student's senses, improve their observation skills, enhance their experience of the natural world, and promote healthy emotional development.

As part of the environmental education programs, volunteer educators encourage creativity through the visual arts, writing, drama, music, or movement. This helps students creatively express their experiences and understanding of nature.

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