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Pollinator Garden and Exploration Zones – Projects starting in 2019


Pollinator Garden

The pollinator garden will showcase native wildflowers, providing habitat for bees, butterflies, beneficial insects, and hummingbirds.  The garden will enhance onsite education programs and seasonal events and help educate the casual visitor, families, and students about the vital role of pollinators.  It will also provide opportunities for citizen scientists of all ages to monitor the phenology of plants and animals as it relates to the effects of climate change.


Exploration Zones

Exploration zones will be created throughout the shrub-steppe and pollinator gardens, extending as well to areas along the trail that borders the wetland. These exploration zones will engage people of all ages in imagination, creative play, and different ways to connect with nature.  They will include natural structures that promote kinesthetic awareness and learning, such as logs and stumps for climbing and balancing as well as providing places to sit, contemplate, and observe nature. Additional structures will include a willow hut, a bench, a nature loom, and a giant bird nest.




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